Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hummingbird Bakery, England by Bureaucrat

If you're amateur baker, it's more than likely that you would have read or heard about the Hummingbird Bakery.

I love baking. Baking and eating too many oven-baked goodies has result me developing a gluten intolerance. There is something just sooo comforting about mixing wheat, eggs, sugar and cream.

One weekend, Ms G and I decided to sample the cakes at the Hummingbird Bakery. We decided to go to the South Kensinton branch. Considering how popular it is (there was a constant queue while we were there), the HB is tiny. There are only about four little tables, and about six stools along the wall.

Without further ado, I got the gluten-free red velvet cupcake. It was lovely and light (not at all dense or gritty from any ground nuts). Of the cakes we tried, this was my favourite. Great icing to cake ratio. A pet peeve of mine is that too many cupcakes have too much icing with not enough cake.

Ms G went for a slice of a vanilla sponge cake. Ms G liked her cake, but had to scrape off some of the icing as it was a bit too much for her.

Taking the opportunity to try more cakes, I got a peanut butter cupcake. Normally I don't like peanuts, but something about this cupcake enticed me. It was a vanilla cupcake with a very peanutty icing and some caramelised peanutty toffee on top.

By this point, as yummy as the cakes were, I had enough sugar I could take. I was rather amazed (and admired) the other punters (including small kids) who were able to wolf down a large slice of cake within minutes - diabetes, we come!

However, I did get a slice of the glistening devil's food cake. It was partly for the Lawyer (who loves chocolate cake) and partly because I wanted to try it.

I carefully took it home, and unwrapped the pretty wax paper, and the Lawyer and I just dove right in! It was very chocolately but a smidge too sugary for my liking. Very moist and had a rather pleasing height for such a decadent cake (I love multi-layered cakes).

Diabetics beware! This is a glorious world of refined wheat and sugars. There's a small gluten-free choices. On the day we went, I think there was even a savoury choice...but honestly, going for the savoury choice is like going to Macca's to have a salad.

For those of us who understand the utter pleasure of eating secretly, I recommend that this is the place to buy a box of cakey goodness and going home and eating this in private (no sharing!) with a big cup of coffee or tea.

Hummingbird Bakery
47 Old Brompton Rd
South Kensington SW7 3
Telephone: (020) 7584 0055

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