Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fleet River Bakery, England by Bureaucrat

Fleet River Bakery is a delightful gem near work. I had known about FRB for a while, but never seemed to get around trying out the place.

And when I finally tried it, I mentally kicked myself for not going there sooner. But since then, I've make quite regular trips to FRB for lunch during the week.

FRB has this New York-ish feel to it - arched windows, bountiful dishes, tempting array of baked goods and funky, good looking staff.

For lunch one day, I ordered the spinach and goat's cheese quiche with salad. The quiche was melt-in-your mouth deliciousness. The smooth eggy custard was punctuated with the sharp, saltiness of the cheese. Lovely colour on top, and the pastry was delightfully crispy, flaky and buttery. The salads of the day were mixed leaves, carrot, and a egg noodle salad that had a light soy dressing.

Ms G ordered the manchego cheese with rocket on a seeded roll. Ms G quite liked the roll, especially the cheese.

Ms G also ordered a slice of hummingbird cake. While it didn't look like my definition of what a hummingbird cake should look like, Ms G liked it. Moist banana-pineapple cake with a sour cream icing.

FRB is very popular for those in the know. At 12pm, the lunch dishes start coming out, and within 15 minutes the line to queue up snakes around the inside of the bakery, then out the door. I always make a point of getting there on time - it's better to be early and wait for the dishes to come out, than to be lining up and fearing that the food will get sold out.

I'm also told the coffee is pretty good too, but I haven't had the chance to order some yet. They also serve a selection of wines and beers that appear to be chosen by a sommelier.

From the outside, it looks like that there isn't much seating, but if you go inside, you'll realise that there are two levels of seating.

Fresh, tasty food at great prices...I love this place.

Fleet River Bakery
71 Lincoln's Inn Fields
Camden Town WC2A 3
Telephone: (020) 7691 1457

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