Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cancosta, Barcelona by Bureaucrat

After a stroll up and down the beach, the Lawyer and I were starting to get hungry. There are many eateries along the beachside and on the main road - a mix of fine dining, tourist traps and unappealing local places. But regardless of which one you picked, it was going to be expensive or really expensive.

After inspecting most of the menus, we settled on Concosta, who had reasonably priced 'menu of the day' for 17 Euros per person, which comprised of two entrees and a main (all of which had seafood!).

Spread over two floors, we opted to sit inside, and we could see that lots of the diners had also chosen the menu of the day.

The entrees were steamed mussels and fried whitebait.

The mussels were decent sized, but I thought they tasted a bit a bit plain. It could have been improved with a bit of seasoning - garlic, white wine, perhaps. But the Lawyer enjoyed them.

I liked the fried whitebait more. Very fresh, light, crispy, seasoned batter. I don't know why they don't serve this more often in all restuarants.

For mains, the Cancosta paella - saffron-infused rice with prawns and lots of fresh squid pieces. The only bad comment is that this was quite salty.

I'm quite pleased that we endured looking through all the menus for the many restaurants around this area. Fortunately, Cancosta wasn't a tourist trap and judging by the fellow diners, this place was favoured by the locals.

Prompt service, good-sized, tasty food and reasonably priced. We were very happy with Cancosta.

Passeig Joan de Borbo
70 Barceloneta
08003 Barcelona
Telephone: 34 93 221 5903


Susan L (lily40au) said...

The restaurant looks beautiful. Especially like I'd imagine for Barcelona.

Bureaucrat said...

The restaurant had a nice, comfortable feel to it. I'd imagine it'd be very popular in the summer. We had wanted to sit outside, but even with the winter sun, it was still quite cold. Instead, we sat upstairs near the window, and had a nice view to the street and a bit of sun.

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