Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hazev, England by Bureaucrat

Hazev is an ambitious restaurant, bar, cafe and deli. Located alongside the many docks around Canary Wharf, Hazev is a Turkish restaurant that predominantly caters for the suits that work around the area and the local folk.

I'm quite a newbie to Middle Eastern cuisine. I've always found it a bit too cumin-y, lentil-y and/or being overwhelmed with slabs of meat. Fortunately, Hazev has taught me otherwise.

I love the way in which Hazev is decorated. Sumptuous turquoise and brown chairs and sofas. Tessellated patterns on the walls. And in the loos, gorgeous bronze sinks and tap fittings.

I've been to Hazev a few times now, and here are some of the dishes that we've had.

Feta salad. The verdict was that this was nice.

Lentil soup. Rather tasty and I didn't feel like I was eating hippy food, which was a good thing!

Tabbouleh. I find people either like tabbouleh or they don't. I don't, but my sister said that this was delish.

Grilled chicken w couscous. The verdict was this was succulent, tender cubes of chicken.

Grilled lamb w couscous. As with the chicken, this was equally delicious, and didn't have that lamby/gamey taste that lamb sometimes has (or is that 'have'?)

Chicken stew w couscous. I ordered this and it was also delicious. The stew was seasoned with lots of fresh ginger and tomatoes, and had a very deep flavour. On a cold day, this would definitely be on my list of comfort foods.

Lamb kofte w couscous. The Lawyer ordered this and he loved it. Not too much cumin and lots of fresh mint.

Rosewater and milk pudding. Despite being full, we shared a dessert. Because of the skin that was formed from the milk, this was very similar to a rice pudding without the rice. At another time, I ordered something that was similar to this but it was much more silky texture.

Usually I'm wary of places (and people!) that try to be all things to all people. However, Hazev does a great job for it's "restaurant" bit. I've yet to try the bar, cafe and deli bits - but I look forward to it!

On a separate occasion, fellow diners liked the fact that it had an extensive vegetarian and seafood options. Hazev also gets extra marks from me because sometimes they bring you extra complimentary pre-dinner nibbles (that's in addition to the Turkish bread, dips and olives that they've already given you).

Service was attentive, the food was fresh and the serving portions were big. There's still a few things I'd like to try, including the intriguing dessert dish that's made with eggplant.

Discovery Dock West
2 South Quay Square
Canary Wharf E14 9RT
Telephone: 020 7515 9467

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