Thursday, October 24, 2019

Rainbow Toastie, Melbourne by Big Fil

What’s rainbow coloured, stretchy and comes with a big smile on its face? Give up…a rainbow cheese toastie of course!

Rainbow Toastie, Melbourne, Rainbow Toastie
Almost all of the colours of the 'bow, man!

Looks wise these super stretchy creations are the biz, super cute. Taste however, not really my thing. The bread is soft but also is fairly tasteless, the cheese a bit plastic in texture and sweet in taste. To be fair though, the texture of the cheese probably reflects that they have gone for a very stretchy cheese (which makes pulling the two halves apart more fun), and the sweet somewhat bland taste of the cheese perfect for most of their customers even if I would have preferred a much stronger flavour. 

Rainbow Toastie, Melbourne, Rainbow Toastie
They also felt just a little pricey. However, given I assume they are reasonably labour intensive to make it’s probably not unexpected ($11.90). I did also appreciate the obvious effort made by the guy doing the toasting to make sure it came out as perfect as he could make it.  

They do have a couple of other options which are apparently not as sweet (but not as cute) plus drinks but I have yet to try them.

Rainbow Toastie, Melbourne


We wouldn't return
We wouldn’t return.
Cheap eats
Cheap eats.


Overall, love the idea, nicely executed, but while it’s something I just had to do once and it did make me smile not something I am going to be in a rush to go back to.

Find it at

Rainbow Toastie
18 Sutherland Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

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