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Charisma Workshop, Melbourne CBD by Log Lady

The prospect of brunch is always an exciting event for me - the idea of meal in-between breakfast and lunch, and food combining both, is genius! Who thought of this? But the opportunity to also enjoy dessert during the morning hour is even more thrilling. This was the exact opportunity I had at my recent visit to the Charisma Workshop.

Charisma Workshop, Melbourne, creme brulee petit gateaux
Creme brulee petit gateaux

A slightly quirky name, the new spot opened last October. It is a family affair, with head chef Jonathan Ko at the helm who has channelled his obsession for patisserie and coffee into a great new cafe.

Charisma Workshop, Melbourne, cakes
They are located in the Melbourne CBD, not too far away from the Queen Victoria Markets and right next door to the Pegusus Hotel – good location for visitors to Melbourne. At the moment there is a fair bit of construction work going on around the café (which apparently commenced a month before these guys opened), but don’t let this deter you.

Charisma Workshop, Melbourne, cakes
My partner in crime, Spoon, and I went to the Charisma Workshop on a beautiful autumn morning, where we were greeted by enthusiastic staff, bright décor, and amazing looking treats.

Charisma Workshop, Melbourne, coffee
But before diving into the sweet delicacies, we tried their coffee and brunch.  First up the coffee; the Charisma Workshop have developed their own blend, nailing the full-bodied fruity taste.

For the brunch, we ordered from the All Day Breakfast Menu, which includes dishes such as French Brioche Toast, Smoked Salmon Scrambled eggs, Grandma Ham Egg Benedict, and Soft Shell Crab Egg Benedict.

Charisma Workshop, Melbourne, cakes
So many dreamy cakes!

When ordering I was conflicted on a couple of choices, and asked the waiter for recommendations. He said his favourite was the Confit Duck Leg from the all day brunch menu. This not only included the duck leg, but also mushroom, sweet potato and pumpkin smash, coffee red wine reduction, a ‘tomato pillow’ and parmesan cheese. Apparently the tomato has its colour removed, but retains its flavour. On this occasion I chose the Salmon Scrambled eggs, but the Duck is definitely something I will come back for.

Charisma Workshop, Melbourne, salmon scrambled eggs
The Salmon Scrambled eggs were quite good; the salmon arranged into little rosettes, eggs scrambled perfectly and a nice light salad to accompany – definitely a healthy option. I thought I ought to be virtuous prior to trying the desserts. 

Charisma Workshop, Melbourne, Grandma ham eggs benedict
Spoon tried the Grandma Ham Eggs Benedict, which included the grilled ham, poached eggs, pineapple, citrus yuzu hollandaise on a sourdough. The addition of the pineapple and yuzu was a nice new addition to a relatively standard brunch item.

Charisma Workshop, Melbourne, chocolates
Gorgeous handmade chocolates

Next was the main event – the desserts!

Charisma Workshop, Melbourne, earl grey and blackcurrant dome
I tried the Earl Grey and Blackcurrant Dome with a cup of earl grey tea. I have never eaten a Dome before, but have always been intrigued ever since watching Masterchef.

Charisma Workshop, Melbourne, earl grey and blackcurrant dome
The Dome did not disappoint; Blackcurrant Glaze, Earl Grey Bavarian Crème perfectly partnered with Bergamot jelly and almond sponge – the chef is a genius at flavour matching.

Charisma Workshop, Melbourne, earl grey tea
I had this with a cup of Earl Grey tea, which is something the Charisma Workshop has perfected. The tea was served with an hourglass, already running when served to me. I was instructed to let the tea brew until the sand in the upper bulb had trickled down.

Spoon had the Creme Brulee Petit Gateaux (see first pic), which was perfectly matched with a macchiato. I had a little bit of food envy for this one, as it consisted of a creme brulee centre with caramel mousse on the outside with a chocolate sponge as the base.

Charisma Workshop, Melbourne, cakes
Are you drooling yet? :)


We loved it
We loved it.
Mid value
Mid value.


I am definitely coming back to this place, and trying the Duck Confit and another gourmet sweets – an absolute delight! I can also see this being a good place for a high tea occasion.

The Eat and Be Merry Crew were guests of Charisma Workshop.

Find it at

Charisma Workshop
3 Frederick Way (Near Pegasus Apart'Hotel on 206 A'Beckett Street)
Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: 8764 6663

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