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Atlas Dining, South Yarra by Rockstar

I’d heard a bit about Atlas Dining. That a young chef had travelled and was coming back with what he’d learnt and decided to set up a degustation restaurant that would change cuisines every four months. I was a bit confused about it and unsure. And I’ll admit I’m a tad picky in my eating so I didn’t want to commit to something when I might not like it (spoiler alert - they ask if there’s anything you can’t/don’t eat). I missed the South Korean and Mexican and Vietnamese and Israeli turns and I was kinda peeved with myself. The food looked amazing in pics and the reviews were all positive. So I got myself into action and lassoed Ms Amazing Amy and Mr Foodie into visiting with me for the Peruvian menu!

Atlas Dining, South Yarra, pisco custard
Pisco custard, lemon sorbet and chocolate with popped quinoa 

The restaurant is beautifully designed and rather sophisticated. It was full the Friday night we went for our 8pm booking. The staff were polite, and discreetly filled up my water glass as well as ensuring Ms A and Mr Foodie’s cocktails were replaced. We had a view of some of the kitchen goings on - a busy, well-controlled environment. There was an open fire outside and I think those that choose the 7 course meal option had a quick trip out as part of their experience. I loved the subtle waft of open fire when the door opened into the restaurant.

Atlas Dining, South Yarra, moonshine
Two thumbs up for the moonshine!

The drinks list is collated to match the cuisine so Peru had a number of Pisco drinks! The others started with a Pisco Sour each which eased them into the weekend nicely. This was followed by a moonshine and then a delightful cheeky rum passion fruit drink.

Atlas Dining, South Yarra, flathead ceviche
The flathead ceviche with avocado and sweet potato, dressed with passion fruit and tigre de leche was light and fresh. The passion fruit was a subtle initial taste that faded nicely into a delicate zingy flavour with a range of textures in the mouth.

Atlas Dining, South Yarra, potato and goats cheese
The second dish of potato and goats cheese with a peanut sauce (ocopa) and ahi - another Peruvian sauce. The potato crisps were perfection - thin, translucent, salty potato goodness and added that crunch texture to a softer dish.

Atlas Dining, South Yarra, smoked duck
I thought we’d hit the flavour and taste zenith with the third dish of duck, charred purple beans, smoky eggplant topped with fried noodles and some smoky chilli powered heat. The duck was perfect. I feel trying to describe it would diminish it in some way. Everything about it was perfect - and it matched beautifully with the other components. Probably the best duck dish I’ve tried.

Atlas Dining, South Yarra, lamb jerky and rice
The stakes were raised even higher with the final savoury dish. Lamb jerky with rice. Sounds innocuous. The rice was rich and intense with a chewy lamb jerky, with a gorgeous fresh green herbed dressing and leaves which cut through the intensity. Like the other serves, this was on the smaller size at first glance. We were all starting to get full and all the dishes were so perfectly executed that the servings were again balanced to perfection.

Atlas Dining, South Yarra, lamb empanada
The rice came with a side serve of a fried lamb empanada with herb sauce. Having travelled to Argentina last year I developed a love for good empanadas. I tried a few better in Argentina but this one held its own.

The dessert of Pisco custard, lemony sorbet and chocolate with popped quinoa (see first pic) got mixed reviews - based on our individual preferences. I adored the deep smooth chocolate base especially contrasted with the quinoa. Ms A loved the sorbet and Mr a Foodie loved it all.

We went home very satiated and incredibly satisfied, vowing to come back to try the next cuisine.

Atlas Dining, South Yarra, cutlery roll

Atlas Dining, South Yarra, menu


We loved it
We loved it.


Don’t and go. Now. Atlas Dining’s Peruvian menu is worth the visit and great value ($70 for the degustation with an option for the $95 degustation ).  I wasn’t sure about the changing cuisine every four months but I now can’t wait to see and try the next iteration.

Find it at

Atlas Dining
133 Commercial Road
South Yarra VIC 3141
Phone: (03) 9826 2621

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