Monday, October 30, 2017

Pinkster Gin: Cocktails and Conversation

Following a rather strenuous week, my better half and I went along to Madame Brussels for an evening of cocktails and conversation, to try a new gin from the UK called ‘Pinkster Gin’. Former chartered accountant, Stephen Marsh, turned his hand to creating an easy drinking beverage, when he found that other drinks such as beer or red wine no longer agreed with him.

Stephen wanted a drink he could have with food that was light on the palate and the gut. Necessity was certainly the mother of invention, and in Stephen’s case through a series of trial and error found that raspberries, blended with juniper gin was the perfect match. Indeed, the Pinkster Gin gets name by the pink-ish hue of the gin, as it is infused with raspberries.

Pinkster Gin, raspberry and mint cocktail
We tried the gin with a combination of raspberries and mint; slightly peppery taste, with a hint of berries, very refreshing… and after a sip I had forgotten all about the ‘Utopia-esque’ week I had.

Pinkster Gin, Pinkster Gin Fizza
We stayed a little longer and tried the gin in a cocktail called, ‘Pinkster Gin Fizza’. This is a combination of Pinkster Gin, strawberry liquor, chase elderflower liquor and lemon juice. It was also quite refreshing, and matched perfectly with the canap├ęs on offer.

Pinkster Gin, cupcakes

Pinkster Gin, smoked salmon canapes
Smoked salmon canapes


At approximately $80 a bottle, it is priced at the boutique end of the gin scale, however it is well worth it and perfectly timed for summer.

I highly recommend it. As Stephen says – it’s an easy drinking ‘session’ gin.  Yup, you can go all night on this one and not endure a heavy hangover, or so I’m told. It also goes quite well with food, thinking in particular fish and chicken. Whilst gin was once referred to as ‘Mother’s ruin’, this gin was a saviour for its creator.  Drink up my classy fellows :)

The Eat and Be Merry Crew were guests of Pinkster Gin.

Find it at

You can buy Pinkster Gin at retailers such as Dan Murphy’s or Celebrations, and can also find it bars such as Madame Brussels and the Gin Palace.

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