Sunday, October 8, 2017

Le Fangourin, Mauritius by Obelix

Mauritius is known for its sugar cane fields and for an educational visit at L'aventure du Sucre (sugar plantation museum), Le Fangourin makes for a tasty pit stop.

Le Fangourin, Mauritius, lentil stew
"Off the menu" lentil stew

Le Fangourin is located in the old administration building of the Beau Plan sugar estate. It's has a lovely ambience with the meals served in the breezy veranda overlooking the manicured gardens and the Pieter Both volcanic mountain range.

Le Fangourin, Mauritius, croutons, pickles
The menu is a mix of modern cuisine and traditional Creole favourites. We started with crispy croutons and pickles. We had a mango achar; some sort of bean dip with coriander and an olive pickle.

Le Fangourin, Mauritius, sugar factory
Sugar factory

Le Fangourin, Mauritius, fish stew
Kiddo decided to go with a linguini in a fish stew. I stole a few bites and was surprised to taste morsels of lobster and conch in the stew. Lovely.

Le Fangourin, Mauritius, dry venison curry
P and I went the traditional Creole route. Mine was a dry venison curry with little croutons. It came with two types of spiced biryani; coconut chutney; fried onion and stewed pumpkin and a bitter greens. The venison was tender and aromatic.

Le Fangourin, Mauritius, sausage rougaille
P's plate was similar except he had a sausage rougaille.

We learnt there was a dish that was "off the menu". It was a lentil stew (see first pic). As it sounded so exclusive, we ordered that too! The lentils were tiny puy ones. It came with similar accoutrements of rice and pickles. It also had little side serves of masala octopus (so tender!) and a chicken rougaille. Very enjoyable. If only there was more masala octopus....

Le Fangourin, Mauritius, sugar tasting
After lunch we toured the boutik and participated in their sugar tasting.

Le Fangourin, Mauritius

Le Fangourin, Mauritius


We loved it
We loved it.
Mid value
Mid value (when converted to Australian dollars).


L'aventure du Sucre is a great day out. Le Fangourin is part of the attraction with their well executed meals and relaxing ambience.

Find it at

Le Fangourin
L'aventure du Sucre
Beau Plan
Pamplemousses, Mauritius
Phone: +230 243 7900


Andreya said...

Nice post hope had a great time on this trip :)

EatAndBeMerryCrew said...

Thanks Andreya! We certainly did and already planning our return 😀

Anonymous said...

You are one evil temptress! This looks amazing. Next holiday - Mauritius! (Have been meaning to go there for years).

EatAndBeMerryCrew said...

Nean, you’ll love it! If u do end up going, get in touch and I’ll fill u in the sight seeing aspects :)

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