Sunday, September 10, 2017

Smoothie Bombs

With the arrival of Boy Chick into our lives over a year ago, the Lawyer and I are like any new parents - we're tired, really tired, hungry and tired (did I say 'tired'?).  As once devout foodies who had all the time in the world to leisurely drive over an hour to try out a new restaurant and linger over our meal, we oftentimes now eat hurriedly and seldom have the chance to eat a full meal.

So when Smoothie Bombs asked us if we would like to try out their product that's targeted to "busy mums, fussy eaters and people who eat on the run" I said, "yes, please!".  Created by Cinzia Cozzolino, a Melbourne mum and nutritionist, Smoothie Bombs pack a punch of whole-food goodness in a small tight "bomb".  There are five flavours and each "bomb" is pre-portioned and to it you simply add a piece of fruit and a cup of liquid and blend to get your smoothie.

Smoothie Bombs, crumble the bomb
One of the lessons I learnt as a new mum is that once your baby starts learning to eat solids, they want to eat the food that's on your plate!  I'm giving Smoothie Bombs a big tick because there's no hidden nasties (the bombs are vegan, gluten free, palm oil free, dairy free, refined sugar free, certified organic and preservative-free).  I'm not worried if Boy Chick decides to steal a sip from my glass or chug half the smoothie down.

We got given The Warrior with Peanut Butter and The Defender with Golden Chai.  Each tube has five bombs in it.  Smoothie Bombs feature many recipes on its website and I checked out a few to try.

Smoothie Bombs, the Defender
First up was the Defender in a smoothie.  With a crumbled up bomb, I added a banana, three strawberries and a cup of rice milk and gave it a blast in the blender.  The smoothie had a nice texture and taste.  It was creamy and had a nice body.  I particularly liked the zingy warmth from the ginger and cayenne pepper.

Smoothie Bombs, the Defender, smoothie
The smoothie kept me full and sated without making me feel bloated.  I particularly liked how the sweetness was enough to make it taste normal (i.e., it didn't taste like a holier-than-thou health drink).  I really liked how the bombs do not have refined or artificial sugars or stevia.  The sweetness comes from the natural sweetness of the fruits contained in the bombs (e.g., figs, sultanas, coconut syrup).  The sweetness was enough to make it taste yummy but didn't leave me with a sugar rush. Two thumbs up!

Smoothie Bombs, the Warrior
There are also a few non-smoothie recipes to try.  So with the Warrior bomb, I made this into a pancake for Boy Chick's morning tea.  To a basic pancake recipe, I added the bomb and a thinly sliced banana.

Smoothie Bombs, the Warrior, pancakes
Served with a drizzle of pure maple syrup, Boy Chick wolfed this down, which I took as evidence that he enjoyed it.  Equally, the Lawyer snaffled a few for his mid-morning snack.  The pancakes had a mild earthy flavour from the bomb.


A big tick from me!  While I enjoyed the bombs in the smoothie, I am keen to experiment with the rest of the bombs in some baked goods. I'm already planning to make a low-sugar carrot cake with the Defender and a savoury veggie slice with the Warrior thrown in.  Keep an eye out for my Smoothie Bombs baking adventure in our Instagram feed!

The Eat and Be Merry Crew were guests of Smoothie Bombs.

Find it at

Buy Smoothie Bombs online at or at Chemist Warehouse. Each tube has five bombs for $12.95.  Or buy in bulk for $55.95 for 25 bombs.

There are five flavours:
  • The Lover Super Berries (antioxidant booster)
  • The Transformer Super Greens (detox booster)
  • The Motivator with Raw Cacao (vitality booster)
  • The Defender with Golden Chai (immunity booster)
  • The Warrior with Peanut Butter (energy booster).

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