Friday, September 29, 2017

Epicurean, Burswood (WA) by Obelix

I write this whilst digesting. It was my 15th year wedding anniversary and we celebrated by doing the one thing we are both accomplished at and gives us mutual pleasure - eating.

Epicurean, Burswood, oysters
... 21, 22, 23, 24... who's counting?

P suggested we fly to Perth to try the dinner buffet at the Epicurean in Crown Towers. We stayed at Crown Towers so it was just a gluttonous elevator ride downstairs for dinner. We have both heard rave reviews of the buffet and we were not disappointed.

Epicurean, Burswood, crab

Epicurean, Burswood, sushi

The range was extensive. There was the obligatory seafood bar. I am simultaneously ashamed (of my greed) and proud (of my capacity) to knock back two dozen oysters. The Coffin Bay oysters were petite. But what they lacked in size they made up for in salt-of-the-seaness.

Epicurean, Burswood, Indian selection
Indian selection

Epicurean, Burswood, Shanghainese pork belly
Shanghainese pork belly

Epicurean, Burswood, carvery

I leave you with a few pics of the hot foods. Mainly pan Asian specialities - Indian and Chinese influenced. The Shanghainese pork belly was definitely worth a mention as was the crab risotto. It melted in the mouth. The carvery had all of the barn animals representing alongside big fluffy Yorkshire puddings.

Epicurean, Burswood, charcuterie

Epicurean, Burswood, cheese boards
Cheese boards

Epicurean, Burswood, salad
You don't make friends with salad

Epicurean, Burswood, chocolate
Chocolate and petit fours

Epicurean, Burswood, chocolate fountain
Hot chocolate fountain

The desserts were abundant. Little mini petit fours; larger gateaux; mochi; ice cream; hot puds and an intricate waterfall of hot chocolate. Oh yeah, there was fruit but who eats that?!

Epicurean, Burswood, petit fours
Petit fours

Epicurean, Burswood, gateaux

Epicurean, Burswood, ice cream
Ice cream

Epicurean, Burswood, fruit
For those who are so inclined there's fruit

Epicurean, Burswood, Crown Towers
The sumptuous surrounds

Epicurean, Burswood, Crown Towers
The name says it all!


We loved it
We loved it.


The Epicurean lives up to the hype. A luxe treat - the buffet was $70 per head.

Find it at

Epicurean Crown Towers
Crown Towers
Great Eastern Highway
Burswood WA 6100
Phone: 1800 556 688

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