Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Bean Thief, East Kew by Rockstar

East Kew has changed a lot since I was a kid; there now seems to be a cafe on every street.

The Bean Thief is a busy happy place! A little local oasis.

The Bean Thief, East Kew, ricotta cinnamon doughnuts
I used to love a sweet breakfast, but nowadays I rarely indulge as I usually find after a few bites I'm over it and need something more refreshing, less cloying. However I couldn't resist ordering the ricotta and cinnamon doughnuts, with vanilla custard, salted caramel, chocolate sauce and pistachio soil. Sometimes I make really good solid decisions. This was one of those times!!! While I'm not a ricotta fan the doughnuts were light and fluffy and a perfect vehicle for the decadent chocolate sauce and salted caramel. The pistachio soil added a nice textural crunch contrast. I will not publicly admit to using my finger to try and scoop out every drop of the chocolate sauce. I did offer the Butterfly one... but I only had one left and I think she could see I wanted her to say no!

The Bean Thief, East Kew, poached eggs and avocado
The Butterfly ordered the has avocado, heirloom beetroot chutney, feta, caper berries, dill, chives, dukkah, poached eggs and sourdough toast. There's nothing more frustrating than ordering the avo and he avo then being scrimped on... this wasn't the case here! The Bean Thief was very generous  with the avo.... I think so much so there was a little left on the plate!!! It was a pretty colourful tasty plate- full of herby green goodness, and red beet, radish and chilli for bite!

The Bean Thief, East Kew, hot chocolate
Hot chocolate


We really liked it
We really liked it.
Mid value
Mid value.


A friendly comfortable cafe with delicious food and a cosy vibe.

Find it at

The Bean Thief
73 High Street
Kew East VIC 3102
Phone: (03) 9859 8448

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