Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Hills Pan, Camberwell by Obelix

Dumplings in my neighbourhood have become the new fast food.  Having tried 'homemade' dumplings at Mum's Dumplings recently, I branched out to try the dumplings at Hills Pan.  Hills Pan bills themselves as a dumpling and burger joint.  An East meets West fast food joint.

 Hills Pan Dumplings,
The dumplings are all made on premises and feature an unusual assortment of filling from cheese to mushrooms.  I'm a traditionalist when it comes to dumplings and stuck with the more conventional fillings.

Hills Pan Dumplings,
In true fast food form, the dumplings themselves come in pizza containers.  One could order their dumplings steamed or pan fried.  Really, the choice is obvious.  Pan fried all the way!

Hills Pan Dumplings, prawn and corn dumpling
We tried their prawn and corn dumpling ($17.90 for 20 pieces).  These featured a prawn in each dumpling which was pleasing.  The wrapper was nice and thin so there wasn't the claggy heaviness associated with some dumplings.

Hills Pan Dumplings, vegetarian dumpling
We also tried the veggie option ($14.90 for 20 pieces).  I wasn't so keen on these.  Veggie dumplings by virtue are rather bland and soggy due to the moist veggie contents within.  These were ok in the sense I ate all of it but I probably would steer self towards a meat based dumpling for next time.  At least there was no detectable MSG.

Hills Pan Dumplings, spring roll
Kiddo couldn't resist a spring roll so we got a round for all of us.  These were vegetarian as well but a meat choice was also available.


We liked it
We liked it.


Hills Pan dumplings are a great alternative to the usual fast food.  I didn't try their burgers as it seemed like they specialised more in Asian fast food.

Find it at

Hills Pan
11/1409 Toorak Road
Camberwell Vic 3124
Phone: 9420 1979

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