Monday, January 11, 2016

Mei Jing Chinese Restaurant, Wantirna by Benny

It’s about two years since Bureaucrat’s review of Mei Jing Chinese Restaurant. Has it kept up its high standards? Yes, definitely! Family and friends recently indulged (once for yum cha and the second time for dinner) and had wonderful meals on both occasions.

Mei Jing Chinese Restaurant, Wantirna, yum cha, dumplings
Selection of yum cha dishes

Yum cha highlights included the spicy calamari, steamed Japanese egg tofu with minced prawn and scallops, tripe (even an avowed offal phobic declared that it tasted good), and the chicken feet. Only a couple of minor disappointments: the spicy fried white bait was overcooked and overpowered by the garlic; and the pastry on the egg tarts was a bit heavy. But these are just small quibbles in what was a great meal.

Mei Jing Chinese Restaurant, Wantirna, yum cha, dumplings
Selection of yum cha dishes

For our dinner visit a vegetarian guest slightly complicated the ordering, resulting in no real highlights, just good food overall, including a dish ordered specifically to test my foodie credentials – deep fried intestine. It was crisp on the outside, soft and gelatinous in the middle, with the expected fattiness cut nicely by a savoury dipping sauce. (Did they really think that I wouldn’t eat it?)

One huge bouquet for the Mei Jing – our dinner party included a guest with a guide dog, and despite the law being very clear that guide dogs are permitted in restaurants, many establishments are less than co-operative. The Mei Jing handled the situation excellently and without fuss.


We loved it


We will be returning!

Find it at

Mei Jing Chinese Restaurant
703 Boronia Road
Wantirna 3152
Telephone: 9887 1508

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Nean said...

Great to hear re: the guide dog. I agree, I have known them to be turned away

Benny said...

Yes. It is disappointing that the guide dog owner told me to advise the restaurant about the guide dog only after the booking was confirmed. Some restaurants will claim to be booked out to exclude guide dogs. To its credit, the Mei Jing was only concerned to know how many guide dogs were coming.

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