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Nutella World - Australian launch (by invitation)

Nothing compares with the texture of Nutella.  It's unctuous, slightly gooey, and silky.  Eaten straight from the jar on a hot day, it becomes a glossy, seductive, languorous trickle of molten choc-hazelnut.  And what better way to eat it on a cold day but to dunk your finger into the jar and scoop out as much as you can before someone sees you doing it.  And let's not forget how better Nutella makes everything tastes, from doughnuts to crepes to pizzas.

Nutella World, book, Nutella, LaManna Direct, cake
During the week, I attended the Australian launch of Nutella World at LaManna Direct. While many of us know and love Nutella, it was a great opportunity to find out more about this near ubiquitous spread that's loved here and around the world... and to also sample a range of delectable Nutella goodies!

Nutella World, book, Nutella
Like some of the world's greatest discoveries, the creation of Nutella was a happy accident.  In 1945, Pietro Ferrero (you know, as in the name behind Ferrero Rocher) created a small block of semi-hard chocolate-hazelnut mixture that could be sliced and eaten with bread.

Nutella World, book, Nutella
Over the years, Mr Ferrero and his family tinkered with the recipe which resulted in a spreadable version - the Nutella we all know. The first official jar of Nutella was sold in Italy in 1964.

Nutella World, book, Nutella, Gigi Padovani, LaManna Direct
Gigi Padovani, author of Nutella World, and Patrick LaManna, CEO of LaManna Direct. Image supplied.

To achieve that gorgeous texture, a process called manteca is used.  It refers to "a mixture of soft or fat substances with a creamy consistency." The manteca is achieved right after the hazelnuts are toasted and then ground to the perfect consistency before anything else (even chocolate) is added to the mixture.  And to make sure that Nutella tastes perfect year after year, there are 1,700 expert testers who work for the company.

Nutella World, book, Nutella
Enough for one jar each day...

Despite its origins in Italy, there is a strong link between Nutella and Australia. There are 21 Nutella factories around the world, including one in the NSW town of Lithgow.  The Lithgow factory produces over 11,000 tonnes of Nutella each year, and by March 2018 it's anticipated that it will also produce 5,000 tonnes of hazelnuts in-shell.

Nutella World, book, Nutella, Gigi Padovani, Australian launch
Image supplied

Nutella World explores the history of Nutella.  The book was researched and written by Gigi Padovani, a journalist and food writer.  The book is available now at select retailers including LaManna Direct.

Nutella World, book, Nutella, LaManna Direct
You can also check out the Nutella history wall at LaManna Direct in Essendon Fields.  LaManna Direct is the largest independent supermarket in Australia - seriously, it's like a grocer-deli-butchery-seafood-patisserie-bakery-cafe on steroids!  It is unlike any supermarket I've ever seen in Australia.  In addition to all the gorgeous products on offer, 100% of the fruit and veg is Australian grown.

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For more information on Nutella World, check out

Click here for more information on LaManna Direct's Nutella promotion, including a draw to win one of nine Nutella hampers.

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