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Domaine Anna, Mauritius by Obelix

Domaine Anna is known for its gorgeous garden and water featured settings.  It's a popular place for weddings and functions.  We recently hosted my father in law's birthday there.  Before the sun set, I captured a few shots of the surrounds.  And yes, it was a picturesque venue.  It is large venue.  Alongside our function, there was a wedding held on the other side as well as the regular restaurant section.  

domaine anna, mauritius, garden, functions, weddings

domaine anna, mauritius, garden, functions, weddings
For approximately $55AUD per head, we had a evening of cocktail nibblies, non alcoholic drinks, mains and a dessert.  We BYO'd our alcohol and allowed to bring our own cake which they served for us.  The cuisine is predominantly Chinese.

cocktail hour, drinks, domaine anna, functions
The staff were friendly and generally unflustered given the numbers they were dealing with.

This is the adjoining restaurant dining pavillions.  Very pretty by candlelight.  Our driver advised it is a popular date night destination.

hakkien, seafood, canapes, domaine anna, cocktail hour
Canapes were served during the cocktail hour.  These were hakkien which were lovely chunks of seafood double battered and deep fried.  I've had a few hakkiens before and I must admit these were one of the best.

calamari, canapes, domaine anna, cocktail hour
Equally moreish were the fried baby calamari.  Lightly battered and very tender.

fried chicken, canapes, domaine anna, cocktail hour
The kids absolutely loved the fried chicken drummettes.  They were skillfully boned in a way that left the bone as the handle and all the meat at one end.

noodles, domaine anna, fried noodles, birthday noodles, chinese noodles
After the stellar cocktail hour, the mains were a bit lack lustre in comparison.  As it was a birthday, it was customary to have noodles.  At the tables we were served vegetarian fried noodles.  It was OK. A bit food court standard.  My father in law makes the best fried noodles and this was no where in comparison.

roast duck, plum sauce, domaine anna, chinese cuisine
Then we had duck with plum sauce.  It had perhaps too much plum sauce on top because it was very hard to distinguish the duck flavours.  Being a roast duck, I was expecting lovely roasted meat aromas to come through but it didn't really sing.

seafood soup, chinese cuisine, domaine anna
The seafood soup was a bit of a fizzer.  It was very watered down then thickened with corn starch.  So it was quite gloopy without much seafood taste.

langoustines, seafood, chinese cuisine, domaine anna
I got very excited by their langoustines.  I have been advised these were grown on the property.  These were deliciously garlicky.  It would have been great to have finger bowls or a wet towelette afterwards because it was all fingers in.

steamed fish, seafood, domaine anna, chinese cuisine
Last but not least of the mains, was the steamed grouper.  It was expertly filleted, nary a bone in sight.  It was perhaps a touch over cooked and was slightly rubbery but the spring onions, ginger and soy sauce was lovely.

sago, ice cream, dessert, domaine anna
Dessert was sago and ice cream.  I found the synthetic almond essence a bit over powering but if you like marzipan, you would love this.


We liked it.


Domaine Anna is a truly beautiful setting for an intimate dinner or for a function.  The canapes were stellar but the mains were bit of a let down in comparison.  The staff were attentive without being intrusive.

Find it at

Medine, Flic En Flac
Telephone: + 230 453 9650

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