Monday, August 18, 2014

Warra Warra, Melbourne CBD by Bureaucrat

With no shortage of Korean places around town, it doesn’t necessarily translate to good eats all around.  My most recent visit to Oriental Spoon Story 2 was rather disappointing.  However, Big Fil is in the know and took me to Warra Warra which, after my first visit, is now on my list of top Korean ‘cheap eats’ in the city.
Located at the back of the Tivoli Arcade (or behind Swanston Street, depending on how you get there), Warra Warra is not visible at the street level.  It’s under a stairwell, behind an arcade and it has another cafĂ© in front it, and unless you’re looking out for it, you probably never know this place existed.
On the basis that consensus is a good thing, consensus was that many Koreans were having lunch here – a good sign.  Another good sign was the buzzing, happening vibe to the place.
I went for a lunch deal, which included choosing beef bulgogi, takoyaki and rice for $9.50.  Lots of tender, marinated beef  (with a nice amount of spring onions through it), served with lots of fluffy rice.  The takoyaki were good, as was the crisp salad.  I couldn't finish this off as there was just too much.
Big Fil went for the a spicy beef stew (I think it was the galbi jjim) w angel hair pasta for $12.90.  It looked pretty tasty but I didn’t dare to try it because it was spicy.  According to Big Fil, he really liked his dish.  The beef was very tender and the broth had a good, warming chilli punch to it without being bitingly hot. 
Food – 8
Ambiance – 7.5
Service - 7
Price – 7.5
I really like the sleek, urban and street cred vibe to Warra Warra.  Service is friendly and prompt; and the food is tasty and quite competitively priced. Definitely repeat visits will be warranted (pun intended!).

Warra Warra
Tivoli Arcade, Shop 19-20
Melbourne 3000
Telephone: 9662 2077
Warra Warra on Urbanspoon

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