Friday, August 1, 2014

La La Land wines (by invitation), by Bureaucrat

Branching out from food reviews, the Eat And Be Merry Crew recently took up the invitation to review a duo of wines from La La Land - a new brand of wines that will be available in the shops from mid-August onwards. 

While my red wine palate is a bit uncultivated, I enlisted the much more sophisticated palates of Ms H and Ms W to help me review the wines. 

Taking the suggestion from the drinking notes that the Malbec 2013 is designed as a "drink now" wine, Ms H took to trying the wine as part of her post-work dinner ritual and was able to try the wine with a range of foods.

When she opened the wine, it produced a mineral-like aroma (often the signature of a good wine).  Sampling it with some Camembert, the Malbec showcased a full-bodied taste, yet easy drinking wine with a sharp finish. 

With her dinner of porterhouse fillet, asparagus and sweet potato, flavours of cherry, spice and tobacco were noticed, with mild tannins.  Finally, dark chocolate for dessert brought out honey and jammy flavours to the wine. All in all, Ms H though the wine was an enjoyable experience.

Ms W sampled the Tempranillo 2013 with her chicken parmigiana.  She thought it was a fairly light-bodied wine with a very dry finish on the tongue and it complemented her meal well.  Overall, Ms W thought the Tempranillo is an easy drinking wine befitting the $16 price tag.

The duo of La La Land wines both seem to be easy drinking wines - both Ms H and Ms W seemed quite happy with the wines.  While I liked the fruitiness in the Tempranillo, I much preferred the Malbec as it was a smoother finish on the palate for me.

With a recommended retail price of $16, La La Land wines will be available in retail stores from mid August 2014. For more information go to

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