Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Haymisha Bakery, Balaclava by Bureaucrat

Okay, I'll admit that this review is a bit half-baked because I don't know what I ate..... yes, I did just go there.

Following my uncharacteristic foray into having breakfast at Las Chicas, we happened to walk by Haymisha Bakery.  As I had planned on baking a cake or some such later that day for arvo tea, I thought I could spare myself that bother by buying a baked goodie from Haymisha.

Haymisha is a Jewish bakery.  Inside, it looks like the place has seen better days. However, there was a tangible sense of homeliness and permanence about the place.  I make assumption that HB is a genuine, bona fide Jewish bakery by the fact that it had a few Jewish people inside already buying loads of bagels and other treats.

Feeling somewhat out of my depth, I pointed to one long, twisty plait.  I know for certain that it was a cinnamon flavoured plait (and there were poppy and chocolate flavoured ones too).

I do rather regret not asking the friendly staff there as to what I actually bought. Because since devouring the plait (which everyone in my family enjoyed), I want to know what it was that I ate!  It was yeasty, mildly sweet and just so light but had a nice chewy texture. It was everything a good yeasty sweet bread should be. The cinnamon went well with the yeasty aroma. So scrumptious with a nice cuppa.

Since that day, I have been trying to track down the name of this baked good.  Beaker insists that it's a babka.  I'm not sure, as my limited understanding of babkas are that they are round and cake-like. Plus, I know her reference point is based on a Seinfeld episode.

The closest I think is Ms H and Ms C's assessment.  Ms H and Ms C are of central/eastern European descent. They both reckon that it's an Easter bread, as both their mothers bake a very similar bread (yeasty, not too sweet, plaited) themselves.  What do you think, dear readers?

Whatever it's called, it was yum. Now that I know how yummy it is, I'd definitely go back and get myself several of these breads next time!

Food - 8.5
Ambience - 6.5
Service - 7
Price - 10

Haymisha Bakery
320 Carlisle St
Balaclava 3183

Telephone: 9527 7116

Haymisha Bakery on Urbanspoon


cake lover said...

In Haymishe they call this a cinnamon stick. Its def not a babka becaue as you say babka is round. Its def not an easter cake as Jews dont celebrate Easter and at Passover which falls at the same time, they only eat unleavened goods.
If you go back another time, also buy the apple strudel with sugar on it, although I think they only make this on a Friday. Happy cake eating!

Bureaucrat said...

Hi Cake Lover
Thanks for the info!! :) I'm glad that I now know what I was eating. Will definitely keep my eye out for the apple strudel next time I'm there.

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