Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Curry & Chips, Mount Waverley by Big Fil

Curry & Chips, what's that all about then?  Sounds like some local neighbourhood Indian joint in deepest, darkest Belfast but it's actually a Sri Lankan restaurant in Mount Waverley.

The restaurant is casual but nice, as was the friendly greeting from the floor staff.  The smell of the curries is mouth watering and the restaurant filled up rapidly after we arrived, despite it being a cold Sunday night.

On weekends they have hopper nights and that was what we were there to try.  Hoppers are crisp, tasty alternatives to rice with your curry made out of rice flour.  While string hoppers (which are noodle like) are also fairly common on this night there were two versions of the bowl shaped hoppers available - plain and with egg (an egg is dropped into the hopper for cooking in the hopper itself).

For $17 you can eat your fill from the assorted curries and sambals at the front complemented by the freshly cooked hoppers.  There was a certain symmetry at work with four curries and four sambals, including vegetable, daal, fish and beef curries, eggplant, onion and coconut based sambals, as well as one which seemed mostly chilli and packed a bit of heat.

Given the bain marie help yourself serving style reminiscent of a school cafeteria the curries themselves are surprisingly good, the beef and fish tender and moist and not dry as so often the case.  Nothing too deep or complicated about the flavours but this is more about comfort food than something to challenge your tastes buds with.  I loved the onion sambal though and was reliably informed the eggplant was also tasty although I didn't try it.  Not so fond of the prison style metal trays though, which may be practical but are definitely not attractive.

If you are looking for a place which combines the feel of a comfortable neighbourhood favourite with food a little out of the ordinary, Curry & Chips fits the bill.  Friendly staff, comfortable atmosphere and tasty food all at a reasonable price.

Food - 7.5
Ambience - 6
Service - 7 (it is mainly self help)
Price - 7.5

250 Blackburn Road
Mt Waverley VIC
Telephone (03) 9802 3732

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Ms Counting Her Calories and Iron Man said...

Were you there by yourself Big Fil?

Anonymous said...

No, actually you were there too :-)

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