Thursday, March 29, 2012

To bug or not to bug, that is the question, by Bureaucrat

As part of the MFWF, the Museum Victoria held a 'Bugs for Brunch'. The purpose was to educate people (mostly kids) about alternative food sources - namely bugs.

Beaker w bug

I was keen to go. However, upon a bit a research, it turns out that for an adult ticket, I would have had to fork over $20 to eat some bugs. For me, twenty simoleons is bit much to pay just to eat bugs.

But Beaker and her friend, TP, weren't put off by the price and bought tickets to the event. You can read about their food adventure on:

Beaker's blog

Museum Victoria's website

While I agree that humans need to find more sustainable food sources, I'm not sure I'm ready to eat spoonfuls of meal worms or anything that I would usually use a vacuum cleaner to eliminate within my house (my vacuum cleaner is a cemetry full of once-alive spiders, moths, insects and other creepy crawlies).

As with offal, I'd probably only eat bugs if they were cooked and presented in a form that didn't resemble the original bug form. I think it'd be too confronting to eat, say, a bowl of rice that has a dead cricket on it - I wouldn't know whether I'm meant to eat that cricket, or whether the cricket got there because the restaurant had questionable hygeine practices.


Anonymous said...

Beaker ate bugs?


Bureaucrat said...

indeed she did.

sophler said...

Oh dear, that sounds too confronting. I wouldn't dare, haha.

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