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Alerto's Mexican Food, California by Ms Counting her Calories

On our way to Disneyland, we decided that it would be better to get decent food at decent prices outside than to pay inflated prices for fairly ordinary food. And, that was how we discovered Alerto’s Mexican Food. Alerto’s is sandwiched beside a burger place and a Chinese restaurant on a shopping strip on South Harbor Blvd, not too far from the Disneyland entrance. It's a very small eatery with only about 10 tables for dining in and service was very basic. You had to order at the counter then find a table and wait for your order to be ready. Then you had to go and collect your meal. Therefore, service is non-existent, but the lady who took our order was very nice.

On our first visit, Iron Man ordered the Adobada Burrito, which was filled with spicy pork and guacamole, and Ms L had the kid’s cheese quesadilla. Not feeling particularly hungry, I decided to sample what they ordered. After taking the first bite of Iron Man’s burrito, I regretted not ordering my own dish. The burrito came out piping hot and full of flavour, though not particularly spicy. Ms L’s cheese quesadilla was a basic quesadilla with cheese in the middle, but the standout was the rice and bean that accompanied it. The bean, which I believe may be the South American black bean (which is different from the Chinese salty black bean), was mushed up and didn’t look particularly appetizing, but it was very flavourful. Unfortunately, we didn’t come prepared and didn’t have the camera with us. So, no photos.

But, on our second visit, for brunch (we slept in as we were still jet lagged), we came armed with the camera. This time, I wasn’t going to deny myself and ordered the Adobada tacos. It didn’t look the prettiest, but OMG, it was very tasty indeed! Same filling as in Iron Man’s Adobada Burrito last night, but I had two small tortillas to wrap the Adobada filling in. It was messy work eating this, but well worth the effort.

Alerto's Mexican Food, California, chorizo burrito
Iron Man ordered the Chorizo Burrito. The chorizo was all diced up and mixed with fried eggs. We found it to be too salty and I couldn't taste the eggs. As I like chorizo, I was disappointed with this burrito.

Alerto's Mexican Food, California, bean and cheese burrito
However, Ms L’s Bean and Cheese Burrito was quite nice, mainly due to the beans.

We liked Alerto’s so much that we went back for dinner as well. Yes, we ate lunch and dinner there on the same day! That was how good Alerto’s was.

As Mexican food is not great for the waistline, I chose not to order any dinner there, instead sampling Iron Man’s Machaca Burrito and sharing Ms L’s Chorizo Torta. The Machaca Burrito was filled with shredded beef, eggs, capsicum, tomato and onion. Not spicy this time, but another very tasty and delicious burrito. Unfortunately, the photo of the Machaca Burrito didn’t turn out.

Alerto's Mexican Food, California, chorizo torta
A torta is simply a Mexican sandwich, but instead of using plain white or wholemeal bread, it uses something like a focaccia, but not as doughy or as thin as a tortilla. As I’ve never had a torta before, it's hard to know whether Alerto’s torta is authentic or not. I did like it though. Ms L’s Chorizo Torta came with lettuce, guacamole and eggs. Unlike the Chorizo Burrito from this morning, I found this to be less salty, even though the eggs were so lost in the diced up chorizo that I couldn’t taste the egg. It was very filling though. In fact, Ms L could only eat one half of this torta and I had to help eat the other half; while my palate was very happy with that, my waistline sure wasn’t!

For dinner we tried the desserts – a mango flan and a churro. The mango flan was nice. The churro was OK but we had better (admittedly more expensive) churros at Disneyland.

On each visit, Alertos was pretty full, with a mixture of tourists and locals. Many of the customers could have been from Latin America or with Latin American background.

We love this place mainly because in Melbourne we're deprived of actually authentic Mexican food. The prices were also very reasonable; the most expensive burrito was the Adobada, which is US$4.95. If anyone is going to Disneyland, make a trip to Alertos first, eat all you can then spend the rest of the day walking around Disneyland to burn the calories off.

Food – 8
Service – 6
Ambiance – 6
Price – 9

1770 South Harbor Blvd, Suite 128
Anaheim CA 92802
Tel: 714 817 6932
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