Friday, December 16, 2011

Macarons anyone?

I’ll ‘fess up now … I love macarons.

Their crunchiness comes to mind first, followed by their pretty colours. But what totally sells them to me is the multitude of flavours they come in. Salted caramel is my absolute favourite: that hit of salt, the crunch of the meringue and the chewiness of the caramel. I’m such a fan I had to rush out (in the interests of a balanced article, of course) to compare salted caramels from three CBD locations.

Drum roll please ... the winner was La Belle Miette. (Although I must admit Melbourne is spoiled by the fabulous choice).

But I digress. Sorry, just blame it on the sugar high!

I’m not alone in loving macarons; witness the macaron crawl by the Eat and Be Merry crew in April 2011 and we’re long overdue for another. (Time to start planning that I think).

But it’s not everybody’s view.

Big Fil’s view a year or so ago described macarons as the new cup cake. Not an unrealistic thought given they emerged hard on the heels of cupcakes.

Bureaucrat thinks they look much prettier than they taste … a triumph of fashion over substance maybe?

But the market seems to continue liking them, and Big Fil and I’ve each found a new macaron outlet in the Melbourne CBD over the last couple of weeks.

Surely, though, the craze must be hitting saturation point (or is that sugar hit high?). And given they’ve been around for a couple of years someone must be cooking up the next sugar hit craze. Wonder what it’ll be?

Do you love them or hate them? What’s your favourite? And where do you go for your macaron fix?

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