Sunday, December 11, 2011

Giraffe Cafe, Melbourne CBD by Bureaucrat

A few years ago, Ms B introduced Ms C and I to Giraffe Cafe, which is a little cafe tucked away in Little Lonsdale Street. Back then, the cafe was only known by the little picture of a blue giraffe. Nowadays, it seems that they've christened this place as Giraffe Cafe.

When you walk past it, it doesn't seem very special - kinda dark, small and pokey. But once you step inside and walk through to the main dining area, it's a different story. Light and spacious. Cutesily decorated in an ecletic mix of second-hand furniture and knick knacks and items from Ikea.

The thing I like most about GC is that it has a faux tree and a wooden giraffe in the middle of the room.

Before I left for London, I had eaten at GC a few times, and have sampled a few of the menu items, including the chicken and spinach rice bake (which has a pumpkin puree on top) which is my favourite dish on the menu. The hot chocolates and milkshakes are also better than most cafes around the area. Snooze and Big Fil have previously reviewed GC back in June 2010.

This time, however, Mr I and I were both feeling the need to be virtuous and wanted to go relativley low-carb. So we both went for the chicken pot pie with salad. On this day, GC had a special offer, which was the pie and a juice for $10. This was a pretty good deal, as the juices on offer were the fancier stuff (and not them reconstituted bottles of juice).

The pie had a crispy puff pastry lid, and underneath were piping hot diced chicken and veg in a cream sauce. While we both liked the pie, we both agreed that it could have done with some slices of nice bread to mop up the runny, but very delicious, sauce (which had a perfect hint of fresh rosemary).

Food - 7
Ambience - 8
Service - 7
Price - 7

GC is a very lovely spot to take a break from the world. You definitely get a sense of being a bright and warm cocoon - away from the dreary reality of work life. You could (and I have) easily while away an afternoon, sipping on a hot or cold chocolate, and gossiping with friends.

Giraffe Cafe
302 Little Lonsdale St
Melbourne 3000
Telephone: 9640 0889

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Vien @ We Dare Food said...

I've always wanted to try the food here but wasn't too sure about the stuff they offer! I heard that the desserts are pretty decent so, definitely a good place for tea & some gossiping ;)

Bureaucrat said...

They have a nice range of foods there - the pot pies, burritos/wraps, the rice dishes, noodles (spaghetti and Asian, eg soba noodles), gyozas. I haven't tried any of the desserts, but if the main dishes and the drinks are anything to go by, then I'd expect to be pretty tasty too.

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