Thursday, August 4, 2011

Smollensky's, England by Bureaucrat

A recent craving of steak had resulted in us going to a number of restaurants just to eat steak. I miss beef. British beef just doesn't taste as nice as Australian beef. It just lacks so much flavour.

So in my search for a juicy, beefy, grilled steak, I thought I'd begin at Smollensky's - a steak restaurant. We went to the one in Canary Wharf, where usually it's popular with the suits in the area.

However, on the day we went (a Saturday) there was hardly a soul there. By the time we left, there was only one other table of diners.

The Lawyer went for the rump steak, which came with a field mushroom, grilled tomato and mashed potatoes. The Lawyer liked his steak, and the mashed potatoes were fluffy and creamy but not overly rich.

I went for the rib eye, which also came with the field mushroom and tomato. I opted for the house salad instead of the mashed potatoes. I found my steak to be quite average in flavour and a bit sinewy.

The salad, however, was better than I expected. I had expected a clump of mixed leaves. Instead it was a rather large bowl of fresh salad ingredients.

For a restaurant that holds itself out to specialise in steaks, I was kinda disappointed. The steaks didn't have much taste and didn't satiate my steak craving. I would have thought that given that it was located in Canary Wharf that the quality would have been better - but sadly, it wasn't.

Despite being one of two tables, the service was a bit slow. While the staff were friendly, it was rather difficult to get their attention (eg to get the bill or the dessert menu, etc) as they all disappeared in the kitchen.

1 Reuters Plaza
Canary Wharf E14 5AG
Telephone: (020) 7719 0101

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