Monday, November 8, 2010

Strada, England by Bureaucrat

One of the (many) unusual things about London that I've noticed is that they have franchised cafes. These cafes are dotted across town and I've never been tempted to try one of them because I thought they'd be the fast food versions of a proper independent cafe, ie, poor quality ingredients, tacky and over-priced for what they're serving.

So it was a bit of a nice surprise when I went to one of these chain cafes for a work lunch. The food was decent, good sized and actually much better than most independent cafes that I've been to.

I've been to Strada, an Italian chain, a few times now - I'll definitely go there again.

On this occassion, we ordered the tomato and basil pizza bread to share as an entree. I love this bread! Fresh basil pesto that has plenty of parmesan cheese, with passata. It's so morish. Although I'm not usually a fan of chilli, I drizzle ample amounts of chilli evoo on this. I could quite easily eat this and nothing else.

For mains, I ordered the cotto pizza. Strada has a fairly decent range of wood fired pizzas. As you can see, a massive size. I'd thought the cotto pruscuitto would be saltier. It also had these olives that I think had been marinated in a sweet liquor of some description. While it made it a bit different, I think I'd prefer a savoury olive.

Ms G ordered her favourite, the grilled tuna, which is essentially a tuna niscoise. A big filet of tuna on a bed of fresh salad.

Ms C ordered the pumpkin and pancetta risotto, which was declared as delicious. It certainly looked yummy. It was topped with pine nuts and had spinach and speck throughout.

Ms S ordered the zuchinni and goat's cheese risotto, which was also declared delicious.

Strada is a safe bet for a meal. A big menu, moderately priced and you can be reassured that you'll get the same food at the same standard no matter which location you visit.

Next time I might try the risotto and hopefully leave enough room for dessert.

Strada is located across London, but we went to the one in Holborn.

6 Great Queen Street,
Holborn WC2B 5DH
Telephone: 020 7405 629

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