Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ribe, Paris by Bureaucrat

After an exhausting time of lining up to buy tickets to the Eiffel Tower, then lining up to go into the Tower, lining up to go into the elevator, shuffling around inside with other tourists inside the Tower, lining up for the elevator to exit the Tower, it was most certainly time for a late lunch.

Ribe is a upmarket cafe near the Tower. With the French windows, tables on the sidewalk, French ladies having a coffee and a cigarette, we definitely got the French experience.

As I already had a crepe beforehand, I ordered an entree. It was a rather generous serving of tomato, buffalo mozzerella w basil olive oil. Simple but filling, and very fresh flavours.

The Lawyer ordered the steak tartare, which was served w an egg yolk, chips and lots of crusty baguette. Although he wolfed the whole thing down, the Lawyer said he liked it but wouldn't necessarily ordered it again. I had a tiny taste. It didn't taste like, nor had the texture of, raw meat.

Ribe was a nice place to have a late lunch. Certainly had a relaxed feel to it. Service was attentive and friendly. I felt we made a good choice, as there were a few other cafes on the same road.

15, Avenue de Suffren
75007 Paris

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