Friday, October 15, 2010

The Pig's Ear, Dublin by Bureaucrat

Our trip to Dublin was the best in terms of doing touristy stuff and the food. Not one meal had to be had at a fast food joint or some dodgy looking "cafe". Everything we ate was fresh and full of flavour - you can tell the Irish really take care and pride of their food.

We were recommended by Ms G's boyfriend (a local) that The Pig's Ear is a nice place to go. Located in the heart of the city, they have an early bird special, which we tried.

I loved the icon - a half-drawn pig. It's like someone has already eaten part of the fat, little piggy. As we were seated, they brought out some home made bread in this cute little pouch.

For entrees, the Lawyer and I both ordered the potted crab. A little plateful of sweet, sweet crab. Nothing else but sweet crab. It was served with croutons and shiso cress. I had mine with lemon juice which cut through the richness of the butter layer. We savoured every morsel and just stopped ourselves from licking the plate.

The Lawyer ordered the trout fillet w potted shrimp and samphire. The verdict was the trout was fresh and a generous serve.

I had the duck confit w cherries and sweet garlic. The duck was perfectly cooked. Tender flesh and crispy skin. I'm usually not a fan of fruit in my savoury dishes, but somehow these cherries tasted different. The flavour was much deeper and not sweet, but still full of cherry flavour. The sweet garlic also worked well with the dish. You can taste the garlic but it wasn't over powering any of the other flavours.

The restaurant is small but spacious and well decorated. Brilliant, fresh food. Attentive and friendly staff. I highly recommend. We wanted to eat here every day while we were here, but I wanted to sample what Dublin also had to offer.

The Pig's Ear
Four Nassau Street
Dublin Two
Telephone: 01 670 3865

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