Monday, October 25, 2010

Camden Lock Market, England by Bureaucrat

Camden Lock Market has been on my 'to do on an empty weekend day' list for a while. I knew it had a big market and food stalls, but it hadn't piqued my interest that much.

Cornbread being made...

The market turned out to be a very nice surprise, indeed! After taking a river boat cruise from Little Venice, which terminated at the market, we were greeted by the smell of delicious cooking. Before us was a big, rambling, bustling market that had a big emphasis on world cuisine. Despite already having eaten lunch, I insisted on trying a few of the dishes that were available.

Venezuelan cornbread w stewed beef...about to be devoured. This was my absolute favourite! A gluten-free bread that's cooked immediately before your eyes. Crispy crusty, not oily and moist and warm on the inside. Stuffed with juicy, tender stewed beef. I think the beef was corned beef. It was so simple but so delicious. There were other fillings that you could choose from (including avocado and chicken, black beans).

Peruvian chicken. Marinated chicken (only mildly spicy), served with lots of fresh salad, lentil mash/stew and grilled veggies. Yum!

The market has permanent and temporary food stalls. I recommend that you eat from the temporary stalls - the food looks much more fresh and good value. The permanent stalls look like they cater more to the tourists and the food doesn't look as appetising (think fried rice, dodgy looking stir fries and curries).

A big range of food to choose from - spit roast pork sandwiches, pina colada (served in a pineapple), Polish dumplings, Brazilian steaks - just to name a few!

Camden Lock Market
Camden Lock

Very accessible by public transport. Closest tube stations are Camden Town and Chalk Town. Just follow the signs, smells, crowds and noise and you'll find the market! Or you can take a river boat there like we did.

The market is open every day, but not all stalls are open during the week. For the full experience, come on the weekend, but expect the crowds to come with you.

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