Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kallista Tea Rooms, Kallista by Big Fil

Tea rooms seem to offer more scope for idiosyncratic styling than most eateries. To me Kallista Tea Rooms, with its dead tree branch decorations and variety of seating feels like it has been decorated by an older ex-hippy aunt. When combined with the welcoming staff it does however give the place quite a warm and inviting feeling.

While I don't usually care much about the outside of the building, I am a sucker for anything in art deco style and I like the look of this tea room.

We called in for brunch after hiking up from Belgrave. As it was too early for lunch all our choices were from the breakfast menu. The fried eggs and bacon were satisfactory, the bacon tasty and the eggs pretty typical fried eggs. Nothing to write home about but no real gripes either.

The raisin toast was probably the weakest of the dishes we ordered. While there were no complaints about the amount of fruit in the toast, but given the slice was fairly thin the toasting left it a little dry. Either the toast should have been sliced more thickly or toasted a little less. I think the clue for next time would be to request it lightly toasted.

The scones were a slightly strange shape and serving the jam and cream in glasses rather than bowls felt strange. However, the scones were quite light and fluffy and the cream and jam nice. I thought these were amongst the better tasting scones I have had in the Dandenongs and would certainly order them again.

The carrot cake was also a good option. Nicely moist, it was a little dense in texture but not unacceptably so for a gluten free cake.

The hot chocolate is also nice. Made with Lindt chocolate, you can either stir the chocolate into the milk, or alternatively stir in a little of the chocolate and then eat the rest of the melted chocolate with your spoon (my favourite option).

A nice, pleasant spot to eat with acceptable quality food. Slightly pricey, but then most places in the Dandenongs seem to be. If you are up in this pretty part of Melbourne and looking for a spot to grab a bit to eat or drink, well worth considering.

Ambience - 7.5
Service - 7
Food - 6.5
Price - 5.5

103 Monbulk Rd
Kallista VIC 3791
Tel: (03) 9755 2659

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RMIT Newintstudents said...

hey how did you get there from the city? we don't have a car, so that's why we're asking. :) we would like to visit there one day
xo: newintstudents blog

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