Monday, May 17, 2010

Jock's Icecream by Big Fil

What more can you say about Jock's other than this is probably the best ice-cream bar in Melbourne.

One whole wall of the shop is covered in the various awards they have won. I don't normally pay much attention to these types of things, as what they sell to the customers is much more important than some particular ice cream created just for show purposes. However the ice cream is good enough to justify the awards, light, creamy and beautifully flavoured.

One of the best things about the ice cream here is the variety in the flavours. There are around a dozen regulars that always seem to be available. These are good but even better are the ones on rotation - cinnamon, hokey pokey, nougat, and my favourites, gingerbread and baked apple (essence of apple pie).

While we were sitting outside one little girl, maybe three or four years old, came running out crying because her favourite date flavoured ice cream wasn't available that day.

The only flavour I have ever heard a negative comment about is the black rice, where the rice itself affected the texture of the ice cream.

If your mind is made up on a particular flavour that isn't available by the scoop that day, you can normally buy it by the container.

Serves are generous without being uncomfortably large. There are also a few wooden benches outside which are a great place to sit in the sun and enjoy your ice cream, watching the world go past on a sunny afternoon.

It doesn't matter if you’re a kid or an adult. Everyone I have brought here has loved the ice cream. They even offer tastings if you can't make up your mind amongst some unfamiliar choices.

Ambience - 7
Service - 6.5
Food - 8
Price - 7

83 Victoria Ave
Albert Park 3206
Ph: (03) 9686 3838

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Lucy Hill said...

Thanks for this post! Very nice. :)
I always love Jock's!

Leona Davis said...

Looks like a great rating. But I always love this Jock's and will rate it in spectacular 9 stars! :)

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