Let’s Eat: Melbourne

The Eat And Be Merry blog started when the Crew were working in the city. Naturally, this means we eat out... a lot.

Being located in the CBD means that the majority of our reviews are based in and around the city. And, as most of the Crew live in the south-east, we tend to eat around this part of town too. People sometimes ask us why we don’t review places to the north and west more often. We’d love to but for those Crew members who rely on public transport sometimes it’s a bit tricky to get out to those areas. While for those of us with cars, well, it has to be a really special place to motor through the city and over the Westgate or the M2 to check it out.

Can’t find your favourite foodie suburb? Send us an email with the details and the Crew will pay it a visit!

Stir fried pork and basil

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