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Hello fellow foodie!

Welcome to our food blog. The Eat And Be Merry Crew is a group of Melbournians who are friends and love eating out. Want to eat somewhere that’s in your neighbourhood, on the other side of town or involves a seven hour drive? We’ve probably been there!

The Bureaucrat picks her foodie destinations based on two things. First, she avoids going to places where everyone is going to because she loathes doing what everyone else is doing. Second, if it involves a scenic drive or a holiday destination then the Bureaucrat will travel to eat! You’ll also find her at farmers’ markets and regional towns sussing out all the local foodie experiences.

Obelix is an indiscriminate eater. She enthusiastically tucks away into both cheap eats and more luxe eats in Melbourne and beyond. Obelix is often accompanied by Kiddo, so many of the places she reviews are family friendly. She loves brewing her own kombucha and mans the Crew’s Instagram account.

Big Fil knows his way around great ethnic cuisines whether it is in his hometown in Adelaide or in Melbourne. He loves hunting around local neighbourhoods to find authentic cheap and cheerful good eats. Big Fil also loves the Melbourne breakfast cafe scene and has legitimately created a new course in breakfast – breakfast desserts!

Snooze teams up with Big Fil and together they’re quite the connoisseurs when it comes to the Melbourne breakfast cafĂ© scene. For Snooze and Big Fil there’s no such thing as arriving fashionably late for breakfast/brunch. Breakfast means breakfast and it means getting a table by 9am before the rest of the world wakes up!

Benny believes in serendipity – go with the flow and see where you end up, ask the locals for recommendations, and don’t worry about getting a little bit lost occasionally. Most often in the company of Bilby Blue, whether it is cheap eats or more refined dining, they are happy as long as the food is good.

The rest of the Crew (Bilby Blue, Chewy, Foghorn Leghorn, Iron Man, Kit Kat, Log Lady, Mmm, Ms Counting Her Calories, Ms No Meat, Rockstar and Ruby Grapefruit) are with us as we eat our way across Melbourne and are always there with suggestions of where to go for our next foodie experience.

As the saying goes, let’s eat and be merry for tomorrow we diet!

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