Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Bento Station, Bulleen by Obelix

Bento Station was a tip off from a friend who recently went to their Grand Opening.  Tucked away in unassuming Bulleen Plaza was a gourmet Japanese diner turning out very well executed Japanese food to rival the calibre exhibited in luxe restaurants. 

Chef Tracey kindly offered me a trial of their popular Flaming Volcano Roll.  It was filled with salmon and had a smoky hazy pervasiness.  I was smacking my lips hours later trying to recapture a lingering whisper of it.  I can easily understand its popularity.  It was addictively good.  And I solemnly promised myself I will order this next time. 

What I did order this time round was the tempura bento ($11.80) and mishoshiru soup ($2.80).    Thrown in were slivers of tempura pumpkin and a big bowl of dipping sauce.  The bento came with the  requisite mesclun salad with a sesame dressing, pickles and takoyaki.   

The takoyaki were delicious with sizeable octopus chunks within. 

The tempura prawns were generously sized as were the fish fillets.

The miso soup was a good Winter warmer. 

On another occasion, we tried the pork belly bento and pork tonkatsu - I couldn't really decide which of the two I liked more.  Perhaps the pork belly one only because it had a slightly spicy sauce reminiscent of one of my favourite Korean dishes.  

But then again, the tonkatsu pork was crispy yet juicy so the jury's still out.

Kiddo's seafood fried rice came with massive prawns.

Verdict:  We loved it. 

Bento Station is a delightful family owned business turning out Japanese gourmet  food in a diner/takeaway setting.  It has a few small tables for dine ins but it does a roaring take away / delivery trade as well.  I understand they deliver to the local area.  I am looking forward to returning for a serve or two of the flaming volcano rolls. 

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