Sunday, May 10, 2015

Jimmy Grants, Melbourne CBD by Bureaucrat

There's nothing like having a big photo of a woman who's in her prime, dressed in a triangle bikini, with a full Brazilian and her legs uncrossed to get your attention.  This was certainly the opinion of the group of school boys who were standing behind me in line at Jimmy Grants.  The said photo of the woman is testament that sex sells, and in this case, it sells a lot of souvlaki.  

There's about six types of souv on offer.  I went for the Mr Papadopoulos, which is stuffed with lots of tender spit-roast lamb, chips and a honey mustard aioli.  While I liked the lamb, I couldn't get past the over-powering honey mustard aioli.  The honey mustard was ruining the souv experience for - it just didn't taste like a souv.  The chips and the pita were okay, although I have to say I much prefer the chips and pita at Kalamaki Greek Street Food.

Ms B went for the Bonegilla - a souv that has both chicken and lamb, which she really enjoyed.

Verdict: we liked it.

I don't mind the souvs here but I have to say I much prefer a more traditional flavour (and please get rid of the honey mustard!). 

Oh yeah, you're going have to visit Jimmy Grants yourself if you want some souvlaki... or see the bikini woman.

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