Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mister Close, Melbourne CBD by Bureaucrat

For a catch up, a few of us went and had lunch at Mister Close.

It was Big Fil and Snooze who suggested that we go there. I had a smidgen of doubt of going there, because Mister Close is located in Midtown Plaza. Up until this point, I never equated the Midtown Plaza as a place to go for good food.

However, I was pleasantly surprised with Signor Close. Although it's located in Midtown Plaza, Monsieur Close was done up like a proper cafe, and decorated with a Scandinavian feel...sort of a posh version of Ikea furniture. And, thankfully, you couldn't tell that you were in a food court.

For lunch, Ms D and I chose the zuchinni fritters, which came with lemon yoghurt and salad. The two fritters had a nice thickness to it. The serving size was moderate - it wasn't two stingy fritters, but it wasn't enough to make you be uncomfortably full. I liked the salad, which had grated fresh beetroot and pear slices and rocket. However, I wasn't keen on the goats cheese.

Big Fil went for the Moroccan lamb curry, which had eggplant and sweet potato on top of herbed cous cous. Big Fil thought the lamb, eggplant and potato had a firm but tender texture, and it was nice combination of flavours but it wasn't anything amazing or complex. The cous cous could have been fluffier, but scored marks for staying warm all the way though.

Mr M went for the red Thai capsicum and sweet potato curry, which was served with rice. Mr M liked it but thought it was it needed a bit more salt to bring out the flavours.

Snooze got the smoked salmon toasted sandwich. Snooze loved the look of the sandwich when it arrived - it was beautifully toasted on good bread, and it came with a nice sized salad. However, Snooze thought that there was little bit too much mayonnaise in it. Snooze particularly enjoyed the salad and said she would gladly go back again to try another.

Food - 8
Ambience - 7
Service - 8
Price - 6.5

I'm very impressed with Herr Close. Kudos to them for raising the bar for food courts. While I liked the range of the food on offer, I thought it was a wee bit pricey for your average work lunch.

Mister Close
Shop 13, Midtown Plaza
246 Bourke Street
Melbourne 3000
Telephone: 03 9654 7778

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Anonymous said...

The servings look very substantial.

Iron Man

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