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Ali Qapu, Kew East by Obelix

Step through the statement entrance replete with mosaic tiles and heavy wooden double doors, into Ali Qapu named after one of palaces of the Persian kings. It was very palatial in setting with wide open spaces between tables and a cavernous entrance foyer.  It reminded me more of a function hall than a restaurant.

Ali Qapu, Kew East, Persian tea, medjool date
Persian tea and medjool date 

It was the setting of our quarterly girls' night out which we kicked off with a Persian dip platter over chardonnay whilst the stragglers (me) arrived.  I got there too late to sample the salad olovieh (similar to a chicken and egg salad) which came with the dips but got to try the remnants of mizra ghasemi (smoked eggplant dip) and mast-o-khiar (very similar to a tzatziki).

Ali Qapu, Kew East, sotani kabab
The service was prompt and the mains soon descended on us.  Sotani Kabab, a dish with a kebab each of grass fed eye fillet, and lamb and beef mince kebab was served with rice and grilled tomato.  It was fragrant and provided the best of both worlds for those of us who were undecided between what skewer of meat to have.

Ali Qapu, Kew East, baghali polo
Baghali polo

Ali Qapu, Kew East, green rice
Green rice

M ordered slow cooked lamb shanks, Baghali Polo which came with green rice.  It was the first time I had tried green rice, the greenery derived from dill and broad beans, and I absolutely adored it.  I could have it on its own.

Ali Qapu, Kew East, Persian pastries
For dessert, we settled on a sweets platter to share.  It had the Persian variety of jalebi, the zolbiya, which are little swirls of deep fried maida flour coated with a sticky sugar syrup.  I'm not a big fan of the jalebi as I find them too greasy so I kept away. I did however enjoy the other sweet varieties in the platter. I am, unfortunately, unfamiliar with the other names of the sweets but they were reminiscent of baklavas.  Flaky pastry layered with different types of nuts and soaked in syrup.  These went perfectly with a pot of Persian tea served with a massive medjool date (see first pic).

Ali Qapu, Kew East


We liked it
We liked it.
Mid value
Mid value.


Ali Qapu serves Persian favourites.  The service is prompt and the seating is spacious.  A great place to dine out in large groups with dishes made for sharing.

Find it at

Ali Qapu
840 High Street
Kew East VIC 3102
Phone: (03) 9859 2422

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