Wednesday, March 29, 2017

V Series, Kew by Obelix

I received a text from K one fine morning - a photo of her latte in very convivial surrounds. She wanted to book this place for our next catch up. Why not? V Series is a vegetarian cafe serving the most delectable looking sweets, some of which are vegan. K assured me that I wouldn't even miss the meat.  

V Series, Kew, mille feuille
And it was true. But first let me show you this mille feuille that has me calculating when I can next return.... Since developing a dairy intolerance, I missed my custardy treats but this was made with coconut milk and it tasted like a real fair dinkum mille feuille should. I've been disappointed by many a soy/coconut substitute for real stuff out of the udders of cows. But this did not disappoint.

V Series, Kew, mocktail
Rosewater and fairy floss mocktail

V Series, Kew, hungover tonic
Hungover tonic

K kicked things off with the prettiest of all mocktails with rosewater and fairy floss and berries whereas P and I went with the 'hungover' tonic, a blend of juices with a zing of ginger.

V Series, Kew, entree

Our waitress suggested we try the $38 pp set menu as it offered a great sampling across their menu. We were happy to go along with it.

V Series, Kew, daikon radish w fruit compote
The entree was a tasting plate of three little wee bites. One was a daikon radish with a fruity compote - if you like contrasting flavours, eg the bitterness of the raw daikon with the sweet fruit, then this was right up your alley. I'm not a big raw daikon person unless it was pickled so I didn't really enjoy this.

V Series, Kew, mushroom risotto balls
However, I was in love with the tiny mushroom risotto balls. So moreish. It did have a hint of cheese and I figured I could get away with it with my allergies.

V Series, Kew, watermelon w aged balsamic vinegar
The other dainty morsel was a slice of watermelon with aged balsamic and fruit. It was very refreshing.

V Series, Kew, chips

V Series, Kew, vegetarian peking duck bao
Vegetarian Peking duck bao

With the entree came a serve of chips and one of my faves for the evening, a vegetarian peking duck bao! Yep, didn't miss the meat.

V Series, Kew, mushroom filo pastry
The set menu offered a choice of mains. I spied the next table tucking into the mushroom filo pastry with pureed cauliflower. It was so well executed. The filo was light and crispy and the filling was real comfort food. I loved the earthiness of the mushrooms.

V Series, Kew, mushroom alfredo pasta
Mushroom alfredo pasta

V Series, Kew, spaghetti with rocket and hazelnut pesto
Spaghetti with rocket and hazelnut pesto

K enjoyed her mushroom alfredo pasta and she swapped halfway with P for her spaghetti with rocket and hazelnut pesto. P wanted me to note that the pesto was very herbaceous.

V Series, Kew, green tea and aduki ice cream
For desserts it was the aforementioned mille feuille (see first pic) for me and the green tea and aduki ice cream for the girls. The ice cream came in a delightful flower pot lined with honey cake.


We loved it
We loved it.


V Series is a modern Australian take on vegetarian cuisine. The set menu was terrific value and really showcased that vegetarian food need not be boring. Vegans will be well catered for here. Service was attentive without being intrusive.

Find it at

V Series
Shop 4
26 Princess Street
Kew Vic 3101
Phone: 9939 6133

V Series Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 


Cindy said...

I haven't been there since they changed their name - and the current menu looks great! I'm long overdue to get back out there.

EatAndBeMerryCrew said...

Worth a check in! I'm going again in 2 weeks 😋

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