Thursday, December 22, 2016

Bonjour de France, Blackburn by Bureaucrat

I was rather excited to spot Bonjour de France - a French bakery that's situated opposite Blackburn train station.  With is respectable blue and white exterior and a steady stream of locals sitting down for un café, un sandwich et une tranche de gâteau, all signs were point to a good quick lunch.

Bonjour de France, Blackburn , cheesecake slice
We ordered three items - the best one being the lemon cheesecake slice.  This was magnifique! A lovely silky, lemony custardy wobbly filling that had the most wonderful brulee-like crust on top.  It was sweet but not too much, rich but not too rich. If it wasn't for the fact that that was the last piece they had left we would have gotten one for Ron.

Bonjour de France, Blackburn, beef pie
The two savoury items were, unfortunately, a let down. The Lawyer's beef pie was small and going by the dried ring of beef inside the pie, it appears that it had been sitting in the pie warmer for the good part of the day.

Bonjour de France, Blackburn, quiche
If the Lawyer's pie has been sitting in the pie warmer for the good part of the day, then my spinach and fetta quiche can only be described as been sitting in the pie warmer for a few days.  The pastry was chewy (to the extent that you can tell it's been reheated more than once before), the eggy custard filling was all but dried up.

Bonjour de France, Blackburn


We liked it
We liked it.


Hmmm... we're not impressed with the savoury options.  If it wasn't for that cheesecake slice, we'd wouldn't be back.  To be clear, I'd only go back to eat that cheesecake slice!

Find it at

Bonjour de France
126 South Parade
Blackburn VIC 3130
Phone: (03) 9878 0648

Bonjour De France Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 


Anonymous said...

Poor Ron. Am using these sayings with miss 6, to make sure it doesn't get lost. Disappointing that the savoury wasn't so great (my favourite part). Thanks though, nean

EatAndBeMerryCrew said...

You beaut, Nean!

Anonymous said...

No worries China. I didn't come down in the last shower! She's getting sick of me ��

EatAndBeMerryCrew said...

Fair dinkum! Good onya for keeping the Aussie lingo alive :)

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