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Crepes Village, Burwood East by Obelix

I love street food, particularly of the Asian variety. One of my favourites would be the Dan Bing, which are Taiwanese egg crepes often eaten for breakfast. In it's simplest form, these are crepes thin like the French galletes but with a whole egg cracked on top during the griddling process so that the egg is embedded into the crepe itself. Savoury seasoning such as shallots are added. I am quite partial to a loaded egg crepe filled with other delectables which is what was on offer at Crepe Village for $7.50 inclusive of the ubiquitous Taiwanese beverage of soya milk. Bargain!

down the barrel of a crepe with chinese donut;  crepe village
Looking down the barrel of the crepe with a Chinese doughnut

chinese donut crepe;  crepe village
The crepes with Chinese donut as it is called at Crepe Village came with quelle surprise, a Chinese donut in the centre. This gave it a greasy (in the best possible way), bulk and a crunchiness in the centre. The savouriness was supplied by chilli oil (needed it to cut through the carbs), shallots and pork floss. For those uninitiated with pork floss, it is pork meat dried cooked with loads of salt and sugar, creating a salty and sweet mass of meat fibres which is somewhat akin in texture but a bit denser to fairy floss. I would not call this a healthy breakfast/brunch/snack but more of a occasional treat or great hangover food.

crepe construction;  crepe village
Watching the crepe being constructed...

embedded egg in crepe;  crepe village
With a cracked egg added to it...

spicy sauce being applied to crepe;  crepe village
Now with the spicy sauce...

crepe assembly;  crepe village
Almost ready!

Part of the enjoyment of eating this (aside from the pleased as punch feeling of bagging a bargain meal), is the novelty of watching the crepe being constructed in front of your very eyes.

crepe and soy milk;  crepe village
The soya milk was deliciously creamy and I had mine hot. In hindsight, I should have ordered a cold one as I was a bit concerned putting such hot beverage into a flimsy plastic holder. I probably got a nice dose of petrochemicals leached into it.

Crepes Village does serve more than crepes. Their congee seemed popular with its patrons as did it's baos with pulled meat. The lady next to me had a spectacular looking sweet crepe filled with bananas, Nutella and topped with ice cream.


We liked it
We liked it.


Being situated in a pop up locale in the middle of Burwood One Shopping Centre, makes Crepes Village a convenient and cheap eatery. Pull up a bar stool and watch them make your crepe to order. A bit of fun and novelty.

Find it at

Crepes Village
172 - 190 Burwood Hwy
Burwood East Vic 3151
Phone: 88064965

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