Monday, February 8, 2016

Thi Thi, Springvale by Obelix

I get ever so excited when I rediscover a ol' favourite and it turns out to be more wonderful than my memory of it.  Case in point, Thi Thi.  P used to go there as an impoverished uni student for his "number 21" which so happens to be pork chop with broken rice.  Thi Thi apparently served the cheapest broken rice down the Springvale strip, according to P's research way back when.  In fact, he never took any note of the name of this establishment, always referring to it as "Number 21" after his usual order.  So fast forward 20 years and a middle-aged P dragged me and Kiddo back down memory lane.

We found the place and I dimly recall him taking me there many moons ago.  This time, we made note of the name of the place.  We sat down on the Formica tables and were greeted by very friendly service.

pho, springvale, seafood, pescatarian
Kiddo ordered this amazing looking seafood pho.  It came with a homemade looking prawn cracker embedded with a wee prawn.  I was so thrilled by it that the waiter came back with a small bowl full of the prawn crackers just for me!  I felt special!

rice, springvale, vegetarian
My order did not look as spectacular but it sure tasted good.  It was stir fried vegetables with rice.  Now that potentially could be rather bland but I noted a real medley of veg.  It had a least three types of mushrooms, so I was very happy.

rice, springvale, vegetarian, soup
It also came with a little bowl of broth.

broken rice, springvale,
Now for the famed Number 21...this too came with a wee bowl of broth.  Still a classic.  P was very satisfied with it.

One of the waitresses came running up to us as we left to present Kiddo with a few lollies.  I was very touched by the gesture.


We loved it
We loved it.


Love it!  Cheap eats for around about $10-$12 per person.  Friendly and quick service.  Couldn't ask for more.

Find it at

Thi Thi
30 Buckingham Avenue
Springvale 3171
Phone: 9548 2439

Thi Thi Chinese & Vietnamese Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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