Tuesday, September 22, 2015

State of Grace, Melbourne CBD by Bureaucrat

I've had my bespectacled eye on State of Grace for a while now.  Located on Collins Street it has the visual and upmarket glamour that I love... it's the sort of place where I don't mind being parted with my money in exchange for good food and a wonderful dining experience.  Many a-times I have scurried past SoG and have always promised myself that I have to go back and dine there.  I love its big windows and the fancy font and all the pretty people who are inside wining and dining away.  

A dinner with Ms D was the occasion to try SoG.  The staff were ever so patient with us as we were too focused on gasbagging than ordering.  We did eventually placed our order and I got this lovely duck dish.  The duck was done three ways - two pieces of roasted duck breast, a pan-fried disc of shredded slow-cooked duck, and a crumbed cube of this slightly odd mushy duck (potted duck, perhaps?).  I loved the duck breast the best (breast is best!) and the lovely waxy nuggets of chestnuts.

Ms D got a gorgeous piece of steak which came with a smear of mustard, wedge of lemon, caramelised baby onions and herbed butter.  

Ms D also got a side of pan-fried potatoes.

We also got a couple of drinks, including cocktails.

The place is full of mood lighting, velvet curtains, high ceilings and a sort of faded old school glamour meets hunting lodge.  Because of the said mood lighting my photos aren't the best but you can imagine how nice the place is at night time.

And if you're curious enough, you may even stumble across it's "hidden" bar, Fall From Grace.  I'm told there are two ways to enter FFG.  One is apparently via a side street off Collins Street (which I haven't tried), the other is via the toilets of SoG.  It's worth finding as the bar is gorgeous with a magnificent marble staircase, candelabras and I wouldn't be surprised if I found the Phantom of the Opera lurking around here.

Verdict: we loved it

I love this place!  Definitely not for an everyday experience (a bit pricey, to be sure!) but worth the experience.  If you want something with a bit of drama then this is the place.

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