Thursday, April 11, 2013

Support FareShare and A Full Stomach, by Bureaucrat

I don't get moralistic very often. However, I want to promote a few charities that's doing work that's close to my heart (and tummy!).

Every $10 donated provides 20 nutritious meals. That's equivalent to giving up three coffees or less than one work-day lunch in the city.

I love the fact that you can donate food (I definitely receive more biscuits that I can eat!), cooking and kitchen equipment (ranging from staples such as rubbish bags, cleaning products and bicarbonate soda) or money to help FareShare provide meals to those in need. Or for $25, you can even purchase a FareShare apron.

FareShare is an innovative, energetic organisation, rescuing food and fighting hunger. FareShare provides healthy, nutritious meals to the hungry and the homeless in Victoria, using food donated by businesses. It's a small, not-for-profit community organisation operating on a very small budget, and with no operational funding from government. FareShare aims to serve 1 million meals each year.

A Full Stomach - Wesley Mission Victoria
When families are struggling with homelessness, a well balanced and healthy meal is a luxury that becomes quickly unaffordable. Your gift of $25 will give a family in need the means to make a meal and take the edge off the hunger.

I'm supporting both charities and I encourage you to join me so we can help families and individuals enjoy a meal that they otherwise would not be able to have :)

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