Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mocha Jo's, Glen Waverley by Bureaucrat

One morning, I had a rendezvous with Ms W at our stomping ground. When we met up, it was too early for lunch but too late for breakfast. Mocha Jo's is one of the more popular cafes in Glen Waverley. On the weekends, it’s popular from morning til night. Inside it’s decorated in warm, chocolately brown colours, with French windows that looks out onto busy Kingsway. 

We settled on sharing a snackrafice with a pot of tea for me and a hot choc for Ms W at Mocha Jo’s.

The snackrafice was a serve of pancakes. The pancakes came out a wee faster than I had expected – it was obvious that the kitchen had reheated the pancakes on the grill. Despite the reheating, the pancakes were okay. I have a hunch that had they made the pancakes from scratch they’d probably still tasted the same. Fairly fluffy pancakes served with double cream, strawbs and maple syrup on the side. But I have to say, while eating the pancakes I kept thinking back to that fantastic stack of ricotta pancakes at Replete in Hawthorn (refer my post back in Oct 2011) which were fabulously light and fluffy and was served with a delicious lemony streusal topping, lemon curd and strawbs....god, mental note: go back to Replete for pancakes.

Ms W's hot chocolate

Based on this limited assessment, MJ is a nice cafe for unhurried coffee or snack. Foodwise, it was okay, middle-of-the-road. The service was prompt and friendly. I wonder whether this assessment would still be true during the weekend, when the place is packed.

Food – 6.5
Service – 7
Ambiance – 8
Price - 7

Mocha Jo's
87 Kingsway
Glen Waverley 3150
Telephone: 9560 8444

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