Saturday, May 12, 2012

Scurlock's Doughnut Shop, Mississippi (US) by Iron Man

Though the address is 125 S Congress St, the front door of Scurlocks's is actually on Pearl St, being in a large office building on the corner of Congress and Pearl, diagonally across from the City hall (one of the few buildings not to be burned during the Civil War). On the outside it looks like a standard CBD eatery and this impression remained when we walked in, and looked up at the menu on the wall.

At Scurlocks’ Doughnut Shop, you order at the bain marie and collect the food there. The man was very friendly without being overly so. We saw a stream of customers come in and pick up bags of donuts and pastries and he seemed to know at least some of them and similarly chatted with them.

Being hungry after a light dinner the night before, I chose a complete breakfast of Grits, scrambled egg, a biscuit with a smoked sausage. Miss L chose a beef pattie on a biscuit with scrambled egg and a chocolate cover donut. Ms Counting her Calories and I both got standard American coffee from a coffee-pot on a hotplate.

The grits and eggs were served from a bain marie and when we saw the biscuits were microwaved, we both wondered whether it was going to be like the meals you used to get from the mediocre standard CBD eateries. But we were very pleasantly surprised!

Grits are supposed to be a traditional Southern dish and though I've had grits a few times before, it wasn’t clear why they were so popular as they weren’t particularly tasty. Scurlock’s grits were different. These grits were very tasty – it wasn’t just the butter and though the grits were saltier than other ones I've had, it wasn’t just more salt. Whatever the grits were cooked in, it gave a delicious savoury taste to the dish. The eggs were o.k. but the smoked sausage was also very nice and the biscuit tasted as though it had just come out of the oven – it must have been baked that morning and just had to be heated up a bit!

I didn’t try the donut that Miss L had but after Ms Counting her Calories sampled it, she went over and ordered a cinnamon scroll. I did try this and it was very nice – light and buttery with a lovely sweet icing. I'm usually not a big fan of donuts (which usually are too sweet and the cake isn’t particularly nice) but am sorry now I didn’t try Miss L’s!

If you're in Jackson Mississippi and are looking for a place for a quick and tasty breakfast of grits, smoked sausage and biscuits or for something sweet for later, I would recommend Scurlock’s Doughnut Shop. Though it has a lunch menu as well, it's only open until 1pm on weekdays as we found out when we went back later to get more donuts for dessert (and a smoked sausage for Ms Counting her Calories) after lunch!

Food – 7.5
Service – 8
Ambience – 6
Price – 8

125 S. Congress St.
Jackson MS 39201
Ph: (601) 326 8520

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Bureaucrat said...

All your food looks very interesting. I'd love to try some, but gosh, I think one of those buns/donuts contain enough calories for me for a whole week!

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