Sunday, February 5, 2012

Roule Galette, Melbourne CBD by Bureaucrat

One of the places that I missed terribly whilst living in the grey bumhole of London was Roule Galette.

I missed the cute little shop, the paper-thin buckwheat savoury crepes and their yummy sweet crepes. Many a days (for lunch or dinner), I'd treat myself to sitting inside this oasis (just off Flinders Lane, and behind the Port Phillip Arcade), enjoying a crepe or two with a glass of perry cider.

There is no better creperie in Melbourne than Roule Galette. It's a big statement, but RG definitely sets the benchmark for all other creperies.

As with all my favourite places, I make a point of trying everything on the menu. Since I've started eating at RG, I've tried about 3/4 of the savoury crepes and about 1/2 of the sweet crepes. It's a difficult (though, delicious) task to try all the crepes that are on offer, especially since I've got a few favourites which I keep ordering.

For lunch one day, I ordered the forestiere - a savoury crepe with b├ęchamel, bacon, mushroom and cheese. It's served with a dab of butter. Lovely classic French flavours.

Big Fil opted to get two sweet crepes for his lunch. The first being one served with maple syrup...

...the other was served with ice-cream, toasted flaked almonds (and I think chocolate was inside, but I can't remember).

On a separate occasion, I went there for lunch and tried the 'complete' - a savoury crepe filled with egg, ham, shredded cheese and butter. Apparently this is served as breakfast in Brittany. This will definitely suit those with a big appetite! I asked for the egg in my crepe to be fully cooked - usually it's served quite soft.

And yet on another occasion, I got a sweet crepe with sweetened chestnut puree as a take away. The chestnut crepe is my favourite sweet crepe. A yummy morish flavour and it's not overly sweet. As with the take away crepes, it's served in a cute cone. Unlike French ladies, who could eat this in an elegant fashion, I kinda made a mess of it and ate it with my fingers.

Food - 8.5
Ambience - 8
Service - 7
Price - 8

Although it doesn't look it, the savoury crepes are quite filling. It's not because of excessive cheese and cream, but because of the buckwheat. I always leave filling full but not bloated.

I love the fact that they have a big range in savoury and sweet crepes, including some very French ones (they have crepes with escargot, chevre, crotin, etc). And they also have a range of flambees, including crepe Suzette.

It feels like you're in France - the quaint shop, the French music, the French staff (with their French accents....oh la la!).... divine!

Did I mention that I love Roule Galette?

Roule Galette
Scott Alley
241 Flinders Lane
Telephone: 9639 0307

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Anonymous said...

B, you neglected to mention that part of the reason I ordered 2 crepes because Ms Counting her Calories was with us and I was expecting to share :-)


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