Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saigon Light, Glen Waverley by Bureaucrat

Feeling lazy one night, the Lawyer and I headed down to Glen Waverley in search for dinner. Initially, we went to Wonton House Secret Kitchen inside Village Central City. I had friends and family giving positive reviews of WHSK.

We sat down. It's wierd - WHSK is located in an atrium, where people queue up to buy movie tickets. We opened up the menu. In my view, it was quite pricey for what it is. Dishes were in the $20+ range, and it had an odious rule of 'minimum spend of $20 pp for dinner'. I HATE places that do this - it's like they know how crap their food is and fear that you won't order enough of their crappy dishes for them to make an exhorbitant profit from you. Furthermore, I certainly wasn't going to pay $20 per dish and eat it in an atrium, whilst being gawped at by kids who were lining up to buy tickets for Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked.

We left the place and wandered into Saigon Light, a Vietnamese restaurant that had opened up after I had left Oz two years ago.

Inside, it's your typical cheap eat-ish place. I was a bit dubious as to whether the food and service would be good. There were a few diners already, and a few tables that needed cleaning up, and the waiters seemed to take a rather laissez faire approach.

For starters, we shared prawn rice paper rolls. These were okay. Nothing to rave about. I thought it was a bit stingy to serve two. I had expected three paper rolls for the price.

The mains proved to be better. We got stir-fried lemongrass chicken w rice. A good strong fresh lemongrass flavour, and pretty good 'wok hei'.

Ditto with the seafood combination hor fun. Plenty of squid, fish, fish cake and prawns.

Food - 7
Service - 6
Ambience - 6
Price - 7

The food at SL is reasonable. The service is a bit 'meh'. It was good to try it. There's nothing wrong with it, really, but I'm not sure I'd return again.

Saigon Light
109 Kingsway
Glen Waverley 3150
Telephone: 9561 6888

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