Friday, July 15, 2011

Chough Bakery, England by Bureaucrat

Crammed into the tiny town of Padstow are many fish and chip shops, ice cream shops and also pasty shops.

Thinking ahead of the long train journey back to dreary London, we bought some pasties from the popular Chough Bakery. From the newspaper and magazine clippings that are up on the walls, it seems that Chough Bakery has won quite a few awards for its pasties.

We bought two pasties and carefully tucked them away in our backpacks. The pasties wafted its tempting scent and perfumed our backpacks. Even though it was a good two hours before we ate the pasties, they were still quite warm. As you can see, they're quite big in size and has a lovely golden colour.

The steak and onion pasty had nice tender chunks of beef and lots of onions. The filling was quite tasty and well seasoned with pepper and herbs (I think it was rosemary and/or thyme). The pastry was neither too thick or too thin, and didn't get soggy. And in keeping with the original purpose of the pasty/pie, the pastry was bland - but I think I would have preferred it if the pastry dough included some salt to bring out the flavour a bit more.

The lamb pasty was filled with lamb that appeared to be hand-minced. It wasn't as chunky as the steak pasty, but it certainly wasn't as finely minced as if you'd use it for bolognese. It was flavoured with mint and tender root vegs (carrot, potato and I think some swede). Usually I don't like mint with my lamb, but I quite liked it here.

These were very yummy pasties! I can see why CB is popular. The bakery is located right in the middle of town, so you can't miss it. Delish.

Chough Bakery
3 The Strand
Padstow PL28 8AJ
Telephone: 01841 533 361

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