Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mary Ward Centre Cafe, England by Bureaucrat

The Mary Ward Centre is an adult education centre, which has a vegetarian cafe. Ms L first put us onto this place as a great place for veggie food at great prices.

MWCC is a simple, canteen style place. During peak times, it can get quite busy, but the line moves quickly.

The food is vegetarian, with some of the dishes and snacks catering for vegans and specific food allergies (wheat, nut, egg free, etc).

For lunch one day, I ordered the veggie risotto. Packed with lots of veg (in this case, capsicums, peas, zuchinnis and a few root vegs) and legumes (which I picked out - I'm not a fan of farty beans), this was a very hearty dish. It wasn't a risotto in a true sense, rather, more of a stewy-rice dish. But for a cold day, this definitely hit the spot.

Ms G, Ms S and Ms B all went for the polenta cake. A big slice of polenta cake that was stuff with (from what I could see) a ratatouille medley of veg, topped with tomato sauce, cheese and a drizzle of reduced balsamic vinegar. It came with your option of a selection of salads.

There's also quite a range of snacks and small meals (eg sandwiches, cakes, pastries, etc).

Ms G and I ordered a raisin muffin and a spinach and goat's cheese muffin, respectively, as our take away item. Ms G liked her raisin muffin, which wasn't too sweet. And I quite liked my savoury muffin, which had a pleasing crispyness from the olive oil that was mixed into the muffin.

A friendly, simple, homestyle/student cafe. Eating here practically guarantees that you would have had your 5-a-day fruit and veg! Healthy, hearty and less than five pounds...brilliant!

After your meal, you might be inspired to sign up to a course.

The only caveat to the MWCC is that it's only open during the semester, but when it is open, it's also open all day (morning til night). It's a pity it's not open all year round - many a times have we walked to the MWCC for lunch, only to have to walk away and wait impatiently for the semester to start.

Mary Ward Centre Cafe
42 Queen Square
London WC1N 3AQ

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